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Go sailing in Greece… for the trip of a lifetime

By MedSailors Crew
on  July 28, 2014

Far-flung destinations… long-haul flights… new timezones… for many people, travelling abroad seems to involve an awful lot of getting there. While there’s no denying it can be fun to explore the far side of the world, there are times when the perfect holiday is actually pretty much on your doorstep.


Lots of people have been to Greece. And most people love it, thanks to its sunny climate, laid back locals and wonderful array of tavernas and bars dotted across its many islands. Combining ancient culture with contemporary life, Greece attracts holidaymakers back to its shores time and time again. But if it’s adventure you’re looking for, you don’t need to rethink your destination. Just rethink the type of holiday you take. Go sailing in Greece and you can enjoy a holiday like no other… without travelling to the other ends of the earth to get there.


Sailing? Isn’t that incredibly difficult? Not if you hire a skipper to do all the sailing for you. Usually with excellent local knowledge, they can navigate the best course, advising you where to visit and when and plot your course as you explore some of the famous Greek islands. You can see legendary sights, stop for some shopping, enjoy the welcoming Greek nightlife and sample delicious local food and drink along the way. Adventure? It’ s right here waiting…

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