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Going away with friends? It’s time for a sailing holiday!

By MedSailors Crew
on  June 27, 2014

A holiday with friends is brilliant. A week or two with some of your favourite people just relaxing, chatting, eating and drinking is something many of us look forward to all year round. But no matter how close you are, it can sometimes be difficult to find a holiday which everyone will love. Some people like hotels, others like camping. Some want sun, some want snow. Others love to cook, while some want to be catered for. And all too often you can end up compromising with a holiday nobody really wants.


One of the best ways of getting away with friends is to take a sailing holiday, as this covers so many options. You can relax as much as you like, stop off along the coastline and explore, find some hidden beaches and do some sightseeing. For the more adventurous, this type of holiday is great for watersports, such as water skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving. And for those in it for the nightlife, you can dock the boat and head off into town to take in the local clubs and bars.

If you’ve never been sailing before, don’t panic. Most boat charter companies will let you hire a skipper to do the sailing for you. They can also navigate the route and let you know any local information along the way, so you get the insider knowledge on the best places to go.


So next time you’  re all debating where to go… suggest a sailing holiday and see everyone sit up and take notice.

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