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Greece Sailing Holidays: The Charms of Athens

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 17, 2014

If you opt for Greece as your sailing holiday destination, your journey will usually begin and end in Athens. Though you will experience many wonderful places in Greece sailing along the coast, the country has few places to offer that are quite as extraordinary as Athens. But what makes the country’s capital city so wonderful? In truth there are several factors, including:

History is one of the highlights of Greece, and it can be found in Athens in abundance. Athens is home to the ancient and world-famous citadel, The Acropolis of Athens. This, in turn, is home to the equally world famous ancient temple The Parthenon. Combined with many other heritage sites and a wealth of museums, Athens is a history-lover’s dream come true.

Greece is home to a unique and interesting culture, and there are few better places to immerse yourself in it than Athens. The thriving capital is home to every aspect of Greek culture including delicious traditional and modern Greek cooking and a buzzing nightlife scene.

One thing that makes Athens so unique is the intangible yet extremely pleasant atmosphere that pervades the city. It has a relaxed, joyful air yet also the invigorating bustle that comes with any great city. One of the best experiences in Athens is to simply visit a small cafe, take a table outside, and watch the city flow past you.

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