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Greece Sailing Holidays: The Island of Hydra

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 06, 2016

The beautiful island of Hydra is a great place to stop whilst enjoying a holiday on the seas. Its traditional villas and unspoilt scenery have perhaps unsurprisingly seen it used as the setting in many a Hollywood film, as it provides a picture perfect snapshot of a time gone by.

Seeing Greek sights - Ancient discoveries

One way Hydra has preserved itself as the so-called “museum” of Greece is by banning most forms of motor vehicles on the island; not only does this have obvious green benefits for Hydra, but it also instils a sense of calm and tranquillity just right for relaxing on a Greece sailing break.

And if you really want to embrace the tradition that Hydra has worked so hard to protect, why not try a donkey ride? Not only are donkeys used practically to carry heavy goods around the vicinity, but they are also employed to show tourists the best parts of the island in the most memorable of ways.

There are a number of donkey specialists who are on hand to make sure tourists have the best possible time, and even though there is much about Hydra that is like stepping into the past, one aspect of modern life has broken through: you can book a donkey ride on your mobile phone!

Relaxing sailing tours - Get away from technology

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