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Greece Sailing: The Best Food and Drink Athens Has to Offer

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 25, 2016

Athens is a truly cosmopolitan place, and nowhere is this demonstrated and celebrated more than in the amazing range of food and drink that is on offer throughout the city. From local delicacies to international delights to the best in Greek drink, Athens is the perfect place to indulge whilst enjoying a Greece sailing trip.

Visiting Greece - Eat and drink in the evening

Some of the most enticing dishes on offer in Athens come from the many street food stalls which line the thoroughfares of this historical city. At the top of the to-try list when it comes to such food should be souvlaki. Often known as the ‘Greek hamburger’, this seemingly simple mixture of meat and bread is actually so much more. Popular with locals and tourists alike, this is the perfect dish if you are keen to eat on the go.


If you are looking for a more relaxed experience, then sampling one of the city’s tavernas is a must. Often family-run and bursting with authentic atmosphere, these establishments are a true representation of what makes Greek food great. Similar to Spanish tapas, the Greeks often serve their food in small tasting portions known as mezedes. Ranging from stuffed vine leaves to deep-fried seafood to delicately flavoured vegetables, this way of eating means that you get to sample all that is so wonderful about Greek cuisine.


It’s not likely, but if you do want a change from the traditional Greek fare, there is no better place than Athens to stretch your food imagination even further. It’s one of the most international places in all of Europe, so you will find everything from Korean to German food on offer, meaning that your taste buds will never be bored whilst visiting Athens.

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