Top Picks For Your Greek Holiday- Athenian Restaurants

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 05, 2012

Busy Night At Athens Top Restaurants On Greek Holiday

When you make your way to Athens to embark on your sailing tour, you will be confronted by on one the busiest and most vibrant cities of Europe. And while you can easily spend all day in cheap tavernas and cafes, sampling local treats, we would be amiss if we didn’t share four of our favourite restaurants in Athens with you:

Psarras- Erechtheous 16 & Erotokritou 12, Plaka

This is one of the few restaurants in Plaka, an area packed with tourist, to be patronised by Athenians. Psarras is best for authentic Greek cooking, a romantic atmosphere and live Greek music. Situated right on the steps leading up to the Acropolis, this is a very popular jewel in the city, so make a reservation!

Café Avissinia: Avissinia Square, Monastiraki

Anatolian flavored Greek dishes, so expect lots of cumin, mint, aubergines and lamb. The roof terrace upstairs has a fantastic view of the Acropolis views and stages live music. This is a very traditional old-fashioned dining room that will make you feel at home.

Sardelles: Persefonis 15, Gazi

This taverna is located in the very hip Gazi neighborhood, think Athens version of Soho, London! This unpretentious restaurant specializes in minimalist, simple seafood. The menu is ever-changing and varied with the catch of the day, think charcoal-grilled sardines or fried cod.

Melilotis: Kalamiotou 19, Syntagma

This restaurant is the Greek equivalent of a gastro bar. It only opened last year, but with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere is very popular with locals. It serves modern tavern fare in a light and airy double-height dining room. The menu changes daily, as a gastro bar should, and dishes include sausages from Florina in Northern Greece served with white beans and slow-cooked salmon with a celery, leek and wild herbs crust with a traditional sauce flavoured with mastic from the island of Chios.

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