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Having It All When Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 26, 2016

Perhaps the most special aspect of a Greece sailing break is the freedom it provides. Yes, you can spend time with the crowds in the most popular parts of the most popular islands, but you can also do something different. When sailing in Greece, you have the chance to see some of its most unspoilt and most beautiful locations. And the beauty of being on your own yacht is that you can reach the areas other holidays just don’t reach.

Sailing in Greece - How to have it all on your holiday

The best sailing holidays will make sure you get to visit all the best islands, but you can still decide how you spend your time. You might be keen to explore the rich culture and history of the islands, or maybe water sports and high octane activity are more up your street. Maybe a relaxing long lunch sampling some of Greece’s finest local delicacies is on the agenda, or it could be that a fuss-free day on a golden beach is how you choose to spend your time.


But unlike other holidays, sailing offers another option. Why not stay on the boat itself? Sunning yourself on your own deck and taking in the scenery at your own pace – what could be better?

Sailing in Greece - Perfect for group trips abroad

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