Here’s Why Sunday Afternoon Is Always Party Time At The Caribbean’s Shirley Heights
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Here’s Why Sunday Afternoon Is Always Party Time At The Caribbean’s Shirley Heights

Lucy Bradley
By Lucy Bradley
on  May 08, 2018

Sunday barbecue parties at Antigua’s Shirley Heights Lookout are legendary. These renowned Sunday get-togethers have been happening for more than 30 years and the organisers have hosted more than 1,500 of them. Here are just a few reasons why we think you simply must spend a Sunday evening at Shirley Heights on your Caribbean sailing trip.

Drink and dance in the Caribbean sun - Superb sailing adventures

The Steel Band Starts Playing at 4pm

No gathering is complete without some tunes and the Shirley Heights steel band certainly know how to put on an incredible set that is packed from beginning to end with sweet, sweet rhythm!

The Food is Amazing!

There’s nothing quite like the scent of a barbecue drifting through the breeze on a warm weekend afternoon. If you’re not hungry when you arrive, it definitely won’t be long before you’re grabbing a plate and loading it up with the incredible tastes of the best Caribbean barbecue you’ll ever have experienced.

See Some Incredible Shirley Heights’ Sunsets on your Sailing Trip

Spectacular sunsets in the Caribbean are pretty much a given and if you’ve heard talk about the famous green flash but haven’t seen it for yourself, let’s just say that you might be in luck up at Shirley Heights!

The Music Changes at 7pm

You’ll already have been dancing and having the time of your life since 4pm, but as soon as the clock strikes 7pm you’ll be introduced to some of Antigua’s finest and most celebrated reggae party bands. Taking you through until 10pm, if you’re looking for fun and the opportunity to show off some of your finest dance moves, you’re for sure going to find it here.

Everyone is SO Welcoming

Sunday parties are often referred to as a proud Antiguan institution. Warm, welcoming, and so much fun, the atmosphere at Shirley Heights is so incredible there just aren’t any words that fully describe how friendly and open-hearted these Sunday gatherings are. So, you’re just going to have to go along and see for yourself. There will be zero regrets, we guarantee it!

BBQ and good company - Sit back and enjoy Caribbean living on a sailing trip

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