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Historic Sights to See on your Greece Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 22, 2014

  Indeed, when you want to see the historical side of Greece sailing holidays are among the best options because they allow travellers to comfortably move between a number of destinations.

Some of the historical sights you simply must see while sailing in Greece include:

The Acropolis
Technically an acropolis is only a particular type of settlement, and there are a number of them throughout Greece. However, the Acropolis of Athens is so spectacular that when someone says “the Acropolis” people will instantly think of this one and no other. This ancient citadel sits high above the city and contains some fascinating ancient ruins including the Parthenon.

While the Acropolis is a set of ancient ruins, the delightful village of Ermioni is a living and breathing settlement. However, as the area has been inhabited for around 5,000 years, there is plenty of history to see. In particular, if you snorkel off the coast you can see an archaeological site that is now completely underwater – the awe-inspiring Bisti.

The Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos
It is not only the ancient civilisation of Greece that is glorious. This cathedral dates back to the 13th century, but that still means it was built around 600 years or so after the end of Greece’s famous ancient period. It is nonetheless a fascinating building. Although less awe-inspiring than many cathedrals, it has a varied and extremely interesting history. It was converted to a mosque for a time then back to a church, and is also home to an historic icon that was said to miraculously restore people’s vision.

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