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How to Enjoy Eating Out on a Turkey Sailing Adventure

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 08, 2015

Eating out is one of the most exciting things about travelling abroad, and a Turkey sailing trip certainly has plenty to offer when it comes to food and drink.
Turkey sightseeing - Holiday excitement
For some holidaymakers, the worry of doing or saying the wrong thing in a restaurant stops them from really experiencing the culture they are in. But if you are one of those who have concerns, this short guide to dining etiquette should put you at ease.

First and foremost, be aware the Turkish people are proud of their food and they love to share it with visitors. Many traditional eateries will use long benches rather than individual tables, so be prepared to share. Rest assured, though, that this doesn’t mean you have to force conversation; shared tables do not necessarily mean shared chat!

Rather than ordering all your food at the start of the meal, you will have the option to order as and when you want a dish. This means you can try a little bit of everything in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

One thing you must be prepared for is smoke. Smoking during meals is quite common, so don’t be surprised if fellow diners light up. If you’re enjoying an evening meal, you might want to try a local tipple such as Raki, or you might prefer to stick to tea or coffee.

Once you have finished eating and drinking, make sure you find the time to thank the host, as Turkish restaurateurs really value knowing that you have had as good a time as you deserve.

Turkish summer acitivites - Eating and drinking

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