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How to Get Around Hydra on a Greece Sailing Break

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 19, 2013


See Hydra On Your Sailing Holiday

The Greek island of Hydra is popular for many things, but the one way in which it is unique is in its complete lack of motor transport (bar emergency and utility services) upon its shores. This gives the Saronic Island spot an otherworldly feel, far removed from the hectic, traffic ridden streets of Athens just 69 kilometres away. However, with none of the cars, scooters or taxis that generally accompany a holiday hotspot, how do people get around once ashore?

Many visitors will be surprised to find that Hydra has the largest population of working donkeys in the world and, although they may seem somewhat unusual to any newcomers onshore, just a few hours in Hydra will show visitors just how pivotal they are to the island, assisting with everything from transporting people to moving building materials.

If animals aren’t quite your thing, fear not – bijou as it is, Hydra is the perfect place for pedestrians, whether this is navigating the steep steps of the town or heading inland for a trek around one of the island’s great walking trails.

If you are on a Greece sailing holiday, you may well want to use your boat to explore the various hidden beaches, coves and inlets around Hydra, but if not, the waters are always filled with water taxis and beach boats. For a small tariff these will take you swiftly to wherever you need to go – something that is especially useful if you are staying in the small enclaves of Mandraki, Vlichos or Kamini or want to discover a tranquil sunbathing spot.

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