Hvar Voted 2012 Top 20 Destination Great For Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 29, 2012

Another accolade has been bestowed on Hvar with the city being voted in the top 20 must destinations for 2012, great news for those Sailing Croatia.

The renowned magazine published by National Geographic listed Hvar in its top 20 which is hardly a surprise to those who have had the joy of visiting the town island town. With a rich culture that scatters back through the ages. Hvar enjoys both Roman history but also the signs of more modern conflict where the region was cut off and became self-sufficient.

With an increased number of tourists looking to Sail Croatia this summer will see Hvar take centre stage in any itinerary. Croatia Holidays are more popular than ever at the moment, with travellers looking to explore the untouched Adriatic ocean. With its beautiful water and scattered islands Sailing Croatia has become the popular means of transport for the region.


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