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Iconic Italian Cocktails

By Lucy Bradley
on  July 15, 2017

If relaxing on an island in the Med, looking out across the ocean with a cocktail in hand sounds like your kind of thing, we’re on the same page. We can deffo be friends and we can promise that you’re in for a treat on your MedSailors sailing trip.

Sailing trip tips for cocktail fans - Sip on a sweet drink in the sun

Prepare to Party Like Count Negroni on Your Sailing Trip

Legend has it that the Negroni was created in Florence during the early 1900s by Count Negroni himself, who apparently really loved to party when he wasn’t spending his time as a rodeo cowboy over in the US. He requested a boozier version of a classic Americano, and the Negroni combines Dry Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Bitter Campari and is served either straight up or on the rocks with a garnish of tart lemon or orange peel.

Chill with a Cardinale on your MedSailors Italy Adventure

Mixing Gin, Dry Vermouth and Bitter Campari, served over ice and a twist of lemon, the Cardinale is said to have been created in Rome during the 1950s. A slight twist on the Negroni cocktail, experts say it has a more complex flavour, if you fancy trying something a bit different, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

The Spectacular Spritz

First created in the 1800s, a Spritz was originally made with sparkling red or white wine mixed with fresh water, but it’s likely you’re more familiar with the Aperol incarnation of this classic cocktail. Combining 3 parts Prosecco with 2 parts Aperol, a splash of Soda and finished with a slice of orange, this Instagram-worthy cocktail is best enjoyed as an aperitif, toasting another fabulous day on your MedSailors Italy adventure with your new pals!

Sip an Ultra-Cool Angelo Azzurro by the Ocean

If you want a cocktail that looks almost exactly like the stunning sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t!), this blue beauty is the one for you. Containing Gin, Triple Sec, and Blue Curacao served over ice, make sure to go easy as this blue hued creation packs a real punch!

Night life on Italian sailing trips - Try new cocktails to suit any tastes

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