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Indulging in Local Delicacies while Sailing Turkey

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 09, 2013

Turkey Sailing - Yacht Holidays

Turkish food suffers greatly at the hands of common myth and misconception, often construed as heavy and greasy and dominated by kebabs. However, little could be further from the truth and a trip sailing Turkey and exploring all the nation has to offer is as much a revelation in cuisine as it is in culture.

Turkish dishes encompass a whole range of mouth-watering flavours that pay testament to the country’s rich history and mixed ancestry. With such variety, it would be impossible to list them all. Nonetheless, there are a few standout delicacies that must be tried by anyone sailing Turkey.

The Turkish take on meatballs, kofte consists of minced meat (lamb, beef or mutton) mixed with breadcrumbs, onions and a generous amount of spice and seasoning. They traditionally come served with a rich tomato sauce and yoghurt, but today they are just as likely to come with chips on the side, giving the dish an almost burgers-and-fries feel! Either way, kofte is one food that no traveller to Turkey can (or should) avoid.

Taken from the Turkish word for ‘stuffed’, Dolma is just that. Popular throughout the region, this dish consists of hollowed out vegetables (namely aubergines, tomatoes and peppers) stuffed with any number of fillings. The stuffing generally consists of rice and grains cooked in olive oil and spices. This makes the dish not only tasty but on the whole, a great vegetarian option in an otherwise meat-heavy cuisine. The term is also applied to Turkey’s equally renowned stuffed vine leaves- all in all, a great addition to any mezze spread!

More commonly known as Turkish Delight, no trip to Turkey is complete without sampling its most famous of sweets. Rather than just one flavour, these jewel-like bite-size cubes come in an array of colours and tastes, from rose water or pistachio to the refreshing tang of lemon. Dusted with icing sugar, few foods could be more tempting!

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