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Interesting Facts About Croatia Sailing Holidays

By MedSailors Crew
on  November 05, 2014

  Croatia is a fascinating place, and there are many facts about the country that most people don’t know. Some of these facts, as well as being interesting, illustrate what an intriguing place Croatia is to discover through a sailing holiday.

Endless Islands
When most people think of Croatia, their mental image never extends beyond the mainland. But islands are a significant part of the country’s unique geographic and cultural character. Off the Adriatic coast of Croatia, you will find more than a thousand islands altogether. This is what makes it one of the world’s finest sailing destinations; there is no shortage of different places or experiences for seabound explorers to discover.

A Perfect Tourist Coast
A lot of people underestimate just how central tourism is to Croatia. It contributes about a fifth of the country’s GDP, and is largely focused around the idyllic Adriatic coast, where both sunbaked beaches and charming historic towns can be found. This has led to high-quality infrastructure, a wealth of amenities and vibrant nightlife. Usually, such a strong tourist culture carries one drawback; it can be hard to find a quiet spot away from the crowds. However, there are few better ways to escape the crowds than to get on a boat, and sailing along the coast and islands will reveal no shortage of secluded yet beautiful spots.

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