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Into the blue… go sailing Turkey for the trip of a lifetime

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 06, 2014

Turquoise. A beautiful colour that’s rich and deep. A brilliant blend of blue and green. A glittering jewel. It’s no surprise that Turkey’s coastline is known as the Turquoise coast, as it boasts such beautiful waters and fantastic views. When you travel to Turkey it can be tempting to go to a resort and stay in a hotel. But really the only way to travel is to go sailing Turkey.


You and your friends can relax on board during the day, soaking up the Mediterranean sun and enjoying some swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving – the marine life beneath the sea has to be seen to be believed. And as the sun starts to set, you can party the night away on deck, or discover some of the many nightspots along the coastline, where you can enjoy some delicious local Turkish food, indulge in some Turkish wine and raki and dance until dawn.


A sailing holiday means that no two days or nights are the same, so as you set sail you can decide whether you feel like sightseeing at some of the many legendary Turkish sights, or shopping in one of the larger towns or cities. Then it’s back to the boat for another adventure on the glittering, glamorous Turquoise coast…

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