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Looking for adventure? You need a sailing holiday…

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 07, 2014

Holidays with friends are the best kind. Get a group together, head off somewhere sunny and enjoy relaxing in the sun, sightseeing and partying. A sailing holiday  with friends is even better and if you think this will be too expensive, think again. A group of people dividing the cost often means it is just as cheap, and twice as much fun.

But what exactly do people do all day on sailing holidays? And don’t you need experience in sailing? Well, to answer the second point first, you don’t need experience. You can charter a boat with a skipper. This is someone who can sail the boat for you, but a good skipper will usually have brilliant local knowledge, too, so can take you to some of the more out-of-the way places and let you know about the local area.

On sailing holidays you can do exactly as you would on a traditional holiday, but you can enjoy it in peace without hordes of people stealing the sun loungers. Soak up the sun on the deck, swim in the sea, take a lazy afternoon nap… whatever you like to do on holiday. There’s also a great opportunity for watersports on a sailing holiday. Many boats have equipment on board so you can try snorkelling or water polo, for example.

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