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Fall in love when you sail Turkey

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 24, 2014

You love Turkey. You love its beaches, its people, its food and its climate. So much so that you keep going back, year after year, for a holiday you know you will enjoy. But if you are looking to break up the routine a little without moving too far outside your comfort zone, there is a great way to experience a new type of holiday with all the great things Turkey offers. And that is to go sailing Turkey.


Western Turkey, with the Lycian and Carian coasts, is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Here you will see the famous stone tombs in the rock faces, a vision of archaeological brilliance. In fact, it is believed that St Nicholas’ grave is amongst them, as his home was thought to be in Turkey.


As you travel along, you will discover a plethora of hidden beaches, where you can stop to relax, sunbathe or enjoy a swim at the water’s edge. You can also take in some of the bigger cities, such as Marmaris, where you can rejoin the world for a while and do some shopping, sightseeing and enjoy a great night out.
Loving Turkey is no bad thing. Seeing all it has to offer is a great thing.

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