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Love the Lycian Coast on your sailing Turkey holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 14, 2014


A heady mix of ancient culture and modern entertainment, Turkey remains a popular destination for holidaymakers from all over the globe. Some come to visit the ancient sights of this beautiful country, others come to enjoy the spectacular beaches and others yet are attracted by the nightlife and club scene. When you’re sailing Turkey, you can enjoy a mix of it all, taking in the sights and scenery by day and enjoying some entertainment by night.


The Lycian Coast is popular with sailors, and is often referred to as the Turquoise Coast. It is part of the Turkish Riviera, a glamorous and beautiful location for holidaying. Take in Gocek, with its secluded beaches and coves, or pay a visit to Demre, the former home of the one and only St Nicholas. Marmaris is well known for being popular with tourists, and offers a good range of bars, restaurants and clubs if you are looking for something a little livelier for your evenings.


Nature lovers will enjoy visiting Dalyan, a set of marshlands where the rare caretta caretta turtles can sometimes be seen, as this is where they go to lay their eggs. Dalyan is also home to the iconic rock tombs, which you can see engraved on hillsides all around you.

For beautiful beaches, you need look no further than Oludeniz, where you’ll find the famous Blue Lagoon, along with golden sands and stunning scenery.

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