Making the Most of Poros When Sailing in Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 08, 2016

Attracting visitors from the world over, the Greek town of Poros is a picture-perfect example of what makes this area of the Mediterranean such a wonderful place to visit.

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The town itself is packed with historically significant sights, from archaeological wonders to breath-taking architecture, meaning it is the perfect place to take in some culture whilst sailing in Greece. Not only that, but Poros is blessed with some of the most striking natural beauties that the country has to offer. Take the aptly named Lemon Forest, for example: here you can bask in the scent of thousands of orange and lemon trees whilst taking in some of the best views in all of the Mediterranean.

Sun-seekers will love the many beaches that line Poros’s coastline. With golden sands and crystal-clear seas, beaches such as Meyalo Neorio and Askeli are ideal for relaxing in the sun or taking a swim in the water.

In fact, Poros’s coastline is often considered to be the most lively part of the town, as it is here that a number bars, restaurants and clubs create a buzzing atmosphere that lasts long after the sun has set.

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