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Making the Most of the Waters on a Sailing Turkey Adventure

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 05, 2016

The Turkish coast is truly beautiful, and no sailing break would be complete without making the most of the clear blue waters that lap the stunning beaches. Indeed, a sailing Turkey adventure offers plenty of opportunities to explore these wonderfully warm and welcoming waters.

Summer sailing in Turkey - Make the most of the warm waters

Paddleboarding is a brilliant way to make the most of the Turkish seas, as it suits both beginners and experts. Those who are just starting out can lie flat on the board whilst using swimming motions to move themselves along, whilst those with more experience can go for the more adventurous option of standing and using a paddle for propulsion.

Turkey’s Blue Cave is quite rightly one of its best-known attractions, and there is no better place to try snorkelling. The clear waters give way to a world of wonder below the surface, and with such striking surroundings, this is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

And last but not least, why not simply indulge in some good old-fashioned swimming? Diving into the waters from the deck of your very own yacht is a truly luxurious experience, and whether you are looking for the buzz of the beach or the tranquillity of a secluded cove, there is a bathing opportunity to suit every mood.

Sailing in Turkey - Cool off with a dip in the sea

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