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MedSailors Sail Croatia: Our NEW sailing holiday film!

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 11, 2013

Our pride and joy, the brand NEW MedSailors Sailing Croatia film has been released! This beautiful film showcases the best of whats on offer on our sailing holidays!

Learn to sail, swim, paddle, party and laugh to your hearts content!  It is possible to rent an entire yacht for yourself and your friends, or if you are in the mood for getting to know people and making some new friends, we happily take solo travellers and small groups on our luxurious yachts.

Some fun facts on Croatia if the video isn’t enough to get you convinced you simply HAVE to sail Croatia  this season! Remember our Early Bird Free Upgrade is running out end of this month, so book your sailing holiday ASAP! Some Premier yachts have already sold out, check the booking section for details.

– The city of Zadar is home to the world’s first Sea Organ that creates its music only by the action of the wind and waves.

– Although it has a population of only 23 people, Hum in Istria, Croatia is officially a town and the Guinness World Record holder for the smallest town in the world.

– Croatians have their own alphabet or set of letters. It is called “Glagolitic” and emerged in the 9th century and was in daily use, along with the Latin alphabet, up to the 18th century.

– In Split you can see the Sphinx of Egypt by the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace, brought out of Egypt and more than 4000 years old.

– The White House was built of Croatian stone, from the island of Brač, the same stone as the palace of Roman emperor Diocletian in Split.





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