New Split To Belgrade Flight Great For Sailing Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 09, 2012


The introduction of a new flight service this summer looks set to give well welcome relief to those trying to go Sailing Croatia this summer.

With Croatia Holidays popularity at an all time high, flight prices and availability have increased dramatically over the coming years resulting in holiday makers booking flights much earlier than they normally would have.

Croatia Airlines and JAT Air are introducing flights from Split to Belgrade during the 2012 summer season. With flights due twice per week it is sure to be a popular leg amongst traveller and may even serve business commuters well as an additional bonus.

Sailing Croatia holidays are hugely popular at the moment with travellers from far being enticed to the beauties of the Adriatic ocean. With warm sunny weather and must see Roman history its little wonder why so many are looking to Sail Croatia this summer.

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