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Our Eastern promise when you go sailing Turkey…

By MedSailors Crew
on  May 16, 2014

Turkey. An ancient country which is home to many legends and mystical tales, and even believed to be the birthplace of Santa Claus. And from Turkish delight to Turkish carpets, its contemporary reputation is for culture and cuisine.


If you fancy exploring Turkey, the best way to do so is on a sailing holiday – when you’ve been sailing Turkey style, you’ll never want to go to a hotel again! Take in the crystal clear waters, the stunning beaches, the busy marinas and the pretty coastal villages as you explore the coastline. Stop off for some tasty Turkish cuisine or enjoy a few nights out in some of the more lively destinations along the way.


Turkey is where the Far East meets the Mediterranean, and the whole place is a fascinating fusion of cultures, with the laid back Mediterranean lifestyle blending perfectly with the mystique and drama associated with the East. As you are sailing, why not take the time to enjoy some watersports – the beautiful waters make the perfect location for a spot of swimming or snorkelling to check out the plethora of aquatic life under the sea.

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