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Photography Checklist for Croatia Sailing Holidays

By MedSailors Crew
on  December 12, 2014

The Croatian coast is home to some truly wonderful sights, both natural and manmade. Bringing a camera, or a smartphone with a decent camera, is always a holiday essential but it is especially important for the Croatian coast. If you want to experience the full range of sights on offer along the coast and islands of Croatia sailing is a great way to go. In particular, make sure you have your camera ready to capture:

Mljet National Park
Extraordinarily beautiful, Mljet National Park is home to a broad range of breathtaking natural sights that you will want to capture on camera. The famous salted lakes, glistening in the sun, make for a truly beautiful picture that will take people’s breath away even if you’ve never been talented behind a lens. The pine forests and other sights of the park are only marginally less spectacular.

Diocletian’s Palace
As far as manmade sights go, the Diocletian’s Palace is a site filled with splendour. This ancient structure was built in 305AD on the orders of Emperor Diocletian, who promptly decided it should be a retirement gift to himself. Along with the charming surrounding streets, this is one of Croatia’s truly must-see sights and it is essential to have your camera at the ready to snap some shots.

The entire city of Dubrovnik is spectacular and there will probably be something on almost every corner that will make you reach for the shutter button. This wonderful city has unique, historic architecture of sublime beauty and an extraordinarily charming atmosphere. Generations of poets and artists have been enchanted by this jewel of a city, and you will almost certainly be just as impressed.

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