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Poros provides the perfect mix on a Greece sailing trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 01, 2014

Poros may be small but it is big in appeal, making it a must-see destination during any Greece sailing holiday. This evergreen paradise was once two separate islands but a volcanic eruption centuries ago created the evergreen isle as it is known today, dominated by its capital Poros Town.

This is an island of lush pine trees and crystal clear waters, complemented by a lively waterfront where cocktails abound. Take time out to wander the cobbled streets of this protected settlement and grand traditional mansions before experiencing the surprisingly lively nightlife on this peaceful yet cosmopolitan isle.


Before doing this, however, make the most of the watersports for which the island has become renowned. The peaceful, warm waters offshore make it the perfect place to hone your skills or try out water-based sports you have never experienced in the past.

See the abundance of lemon trees for which the island is famous as you soar into the sky on a paragliding adventure or go for the adrenalin rush that wakeboarding so easily provides. This is an island where excitement and restfulness combine in a way that few places in the world can replicate.

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