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Prep Like A Pro For A Long-Haul Flight To The Caribbean

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 24, 2018

Even if you’re a keen flyer, it’s likely that you can think of a variety of other ways you would rather spend your time than sitting in the same seat in a relatively small aircraft cabin for hours on end. The promise of the incredible sailing trip waiting for you at the other end will probably keep your excitement levels up, but a little bit of planning can immediately transform a necessary journey into a dreamy way to spend some of your precious time.

Flying to the Caribbean - How to handle the hours on the plane

Select a Great Seat on your Pre Sailing Trip Flight

Many airlines open seat reservations up to a few days before take off, so make sure you know exactly when that is and make a note in your diary or set a digital reminder. If you’re a particularly keen bean, you might want to research the type of aircraft you will be flying on and peruse online reviews to secure yourself the best seat possible. Even if you’re not too bothered about the specific location of your seat, if you’re travelling in a group or with a pal and you’d like to sit together, getting in there early is always a good idea.

Wear Your Comfies

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to adorn your favourite holiday clothes throughout your adventure, but a long-haul flight is always an ideal time to wear your most comfortable clothes. As soon as the air con kicks in it can get pretty chilly, so even if you’re travelling on a warm day, do make sure to bring a jumper to put on in mid-air.

Only Pack the Essentials in your Hand Luggage

Lugging around a big bag and trying to squash it into the often tight overhead compartments is a bit of a faff, so make sure you only pack the essentials in your hand luggage. Don’t forget to bring some headphones, some tunes and some magazines or a great book to get lost in for when you’ve maxed out the onboard movie selection and in between mid-flight snoozes.

Caribbean sailing holidays - Getting there in one piece

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