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Ready for a change? Try a sailing holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 19, 2014

Holidays. They’re so important – helping you to relax and unwind and escape the humdrum of everyday life. They offer you the chance to explore different countries, try new things and experience new cultures. And since time off is precious, it’s no surprise that many people stick with the same type of holiday. After all, tried and tested means you don’t have to worry.


But when you’re back at the same resort for the tenth year running and realise that things aren’t quite as good this year, or when you realise you’ve been to the same restaurant every single year, then it could be time for new horizons. After all, a change is as good as a rest. More and more people are turning to alternatives to their traditional break, and one of the most popular choices is a sailing holiday.


It’’s easy to see why. Chartering a boat is easy. You can go along with a partner or a big group of friends and it’s a great way of seeing much more of your destination. You can enjoy some relaxing sunbathing on beaches you discover along the way, watch the sun set from the comfort of your deck or head ashore for some eating, drinking and dancing.
Better yet, you don’t need to have sailing expertise because you can hire a skipper too – leaving you to enjoy your break. A holiday is a time for fun, socialising, exploring and discovering and a sailing holiday really does tick all the boxes…

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