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Sail Croatia This Summer

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Who would not love to sail Croatia and have a rollicking time of their lives? People flock here from every part of the world to experience the excitement of travelling through clear, blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Exploring the historical sites and the uninhabited archipelago of islands dotting the entire length of the coastline, in the most amicable weather, is a pleasure worth remembering for long. Whether an amateur, or a seasoned sailor; everybody visiting the beautiful place has a lovely time using a new beach each day, discovering new islets or doing things that happen only in story books. Try to sail Croatia, and you will want to come here again and again. Integrating the love for sailing with other vacation activities is sure to rejuvenate your spirits in no time. Nautical tourism has become a popular sport in Croatia and especial marinas are built for it in Australia, South America, and Europe.

There have sprung up innumerable travel agencies in Croatia to cater to the heavy traffic of tourists, the rush season being the summer months. Basking in the sun, frolicking on the beaches, swimming in the sea water, drifting through the islands bedecked with tall pine trees, and partaking of the delicious food available, is in itself a heavenly feeling. Tourists visiting this naturally beautiful land, make a beeline for the coast, sail Croatia, and get a real taste of adventure. Depending on the personal preference, size of the group, starting base, number of days on hand, capacity to spend, and aim, tourists can charter boats, luxury yachts, gulets, catamarans, motorized speed boats or several other types of vessels. Whether you are a loner or love group activity, there will never be a dull moment as you sail Croatia.

The spectacular view that you are greeted with as you sail Croatia, weaving your way through the maze of hundreds of islands and islets, will truly take your breath away. Sampling new delicacies and different types of wines is an exceptionally satiating feeling. As the vacations draw to an end, the visitors are left wishing the days of pure bliss could go on forever. Most of them leave, with renewed promises to come back again and again. The lure of sunbathing in any of the 116 Blue Flag Beaches of Croatia during the summer months is too strong to be resisted, making the country 18th most popular holiday resorts in the world.

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