MedSailors: Croatia Sailing Itinerary To Include Korcula
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MedSailors: Croatia Sailing Itinerary To Include Korcula

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  February 11, 2013
MedSailors Yacht Holiday In Vela Luka

Credit to Croatian National Tourist Office

MedSailors is including Vela Luka, Korcula in their Croatia sailing itinerary for 2013. This will make the MedSailors Croatia sailing yacht holiday the only sailing tour to include 5 islands!

Korcula island derives its name, like most of the Croatian islands, from the Greeks. They named it Korkyra Melaina and means (as does the Roman version Corcyra Nigra) ‘Black Corfu’; so named for its dark and densely wooded appearance. The Greeks first settled on Korcula, in the 6th century BC next to today’s Vela Luka. Vela Luka developed at the beginning of the 19th century in a deep sheltered bay, and means “big harbour” in Croatia, though it is often referred to as Luka by locals.

Vela Luka is surrounded by many bays with fine beaches. The nearby forested islet of Osjak is especially attractive. This islet has been named Beach of the Year by the Croatian National Tourist Board and has been rated among the five most beautiful Adriatic beaches by the Daily Telegraph.

Just outside Vela Luka is Vela Spila, one of the most important archaeological sites in Europe. The large cave’s natural shape is somehting to behold, but its whats underneath the surface that makes it unique. It was found to have been inhabited as many as 20,000 years ago and it is home to a small horse sculpture, the first artwork in the entire Adriatic area. The findings from the cave are exhibited in the Vela Luka Cultural Centre, and during the summer season the cave is open to the public.

Korcula is a fine example of Mediterranean climate and landscape home to it’s iconic flora: cypress, pine, olive, oak and myrtle. Indigenous herbs and aromatic plants are also abundant on the island: sage, rosemary, lavender, mint and marjoram.

Gastronomically Korcula island offers much in the same tradition as its Mediterranean counterparts. Homemade olive oil is excellent here and widely used for cooking. Similar to its neigbouring islands such as Vis and Hvar, there is a lot of excellent wine produced here! The island locals use it not only as a drink but also as a condiment- absolutely delicious so keep an eye out for it.

Also on offer with MedSailors in Vela Luka, will be a local tour to Korcula Old Town, the perfect addition to what is already a formidable Croatia sailing yacht holiday, filled to the brim with culture, historic sights and beautiful scenery.

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