Sail Greece and loose yourself to nature
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Sail Greece and loose yourself to nature

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Sail Greece can be the dream for many individuals, mostly on the verge of getting tired due to the hectic everyday life and desperately seeking an escape from their busy schedules. As far as getting out and taking refuge in the lap of nature for few days can be under consideration, Greece can be a lovely place to visit.

In the east and west, Aegean Sea is all around the border of Greece and Ionian Sea respectively. Mediterranean is in the south. Someone who is passionate about sailing to pass some relaxing moments should seriously plan to sail Greece.

While tourists sail Greece, they will get the fantastic opportunity to visit the twelfth longest coastline of the world dotted with many islands. Someone who is truly interested in Greek mythology and history may visit Corfu in the Ionian Sea which is associated with the story of Poseidon. Before the 20th century, Corfu was a place that only the royalty could visit. Respected European families used to visit this place during the holidays, which is still a favorite tourist spot for the famous and the rich. However, at present, the restriction on visiting the Island does not exist anymore, allowing people from the middle class to visit Greece.

If you wish to see some of the renowned islands while you sail Greece, make sure that you take a tour to Santorini and Mykonos islands. The submerged caldera, which remains from one of the largest volcanic eruption of history, has turned Santorini into a popular Greek island. If anyone wants to witness the traditional architecture of the country and golden beaches, Mykonos will be a lovely place to visit.

Usually the yacht chartering season begins in April and continues till November where high season starts during July and ends in September. During the high seasons, tourists usually enjoy complete access to the taverns, museums, mineral baths, and all the other sites of the islands. The tourist spots  remain filled with visitors. Therefore, those who prefer a  quieter environment may consider a trip to sail Greece early in the season. One of the key benefits of touring Greece during the early season is that, visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful environment where spring rains will fill the islands with flowers as well as greenery. Now, that is a spectacle to remember for a long time! If planning is afloat for such a fascinating adventure on this vacation, just go for it!

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