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Sailing Croatia: Transfer to Dubrovnik

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 15, 2013
Sailing Holiday Transfer To Dubrovnik

Credits to Croatian National Tourist Board

With MedSailors now offering a short, affordable and easy transfer from your sailing holiday in Split directly to Dubrovnik we are happy to announce one of Dubrovnik’s best investments in tourism we’ve seen yet- a definite bonus to sailing Croatia!

We have found that the Dubrovnik route overlooks some of the best destinations in the Adriatic Sea. The islands en route to Dubrovnik are very nice but not nearly as beautiful as the remote Northern islands we visit on our Croatia sailing holiday. To ensure guests still have the opportunity to visit Dubrovnik we provide our own transfer service directly from our marina on Friday afternoon at 3pm, or Saturday morning at 10am. It takes about 3-3.5 hours to get there and costs £18 per person.

Our route is regarded as one of the best achievable within 7 days. Not only do we sail to more islands than any other tour operator, but we are also able to visit some of the most authentic Croatian towns that the larger commercial boats cannot visit due to their size, such as Sesula and Bobovisca.

In some more exciting news- more than half a million tourists who will visit Dubrovnik in 2013 will soon be able to know what is going on in the city with the touch of a button, thanks to a new mobile application developed by Croatian startup Spotie, in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

The application, which secured funding through Croatia’s “Innovative Tourism” project from the Ministry of Tourism, will be a platform for visitors to find out all they need with events in and around Dubrovnik. Spotie is the first location-based social network for events in the world, connecting users with events and enabling users to share events on other social networks.

The MedSailors transfer will soon be available to book on the website, or just contact the guys at to let them know you are interested in transferring to Dubrovnik after your Croatia sailing holiday!

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