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Sailing Croatia, The Perfect Destination?

By MedSailors Crew
on  March 06, 2012


Croatia is officially called “Republika Hrvatska” and it offers possibilities for superb Sailing Croatia holidays. This is close to the northeastern region of the Adriatic coast in the midst of Europe. It is one of the Balkan states, situated at the west-central section. Croatia shares its border with many countries, namely Italy, Slovenia; Bosnia to name a few of them. The country of Croatia is administrating about 21 constituencies. Its coastline stretches out up to a distance of 3,000 miles.

If your mindset is to sail out into the southern end of Croatia for Sail Croatia holidays; then set out from the port named Dubrovnik. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Croatia, especially if the tourist has an ardent fascination for the likes of yachts. It is close to the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik has a population count of 45,000, and rich in its cultural heritage which would surely get anyone intrigued by the sight of the medieval walls and palace plazas. As general advice for all people interested in sailing holidays, they should set aside about two weeks to have a great time at Split and to go back and forth to Dubrovnik to finish their sailing holidays from where started off initially.

Apart from the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, visitors can venture out to the beautiful ports which are at Zadar, Voda, Pula, Split or Kastela etc.

Of the many port cities that a traveller can set out from for the exciting sailing holidays, Pula is in the northwestern side of the country with a population of around 58,000. Pula is one of the major ports in Croatia and accommodates an industrial district not typically visited for a Croatia Holiday. Pula was a Roman colony in the 178 B.C. and managed to hold some of the marvels of Roman architecture that are still an admirable sight for the beholder. It would surely not be sorry to have taken the time from your Sailing Croatia holidays to have glanced at the Roma, as well as, the Augustus temples or the Arch of the Sergii.

Visitors can take a sailing holiday in the coasts of Croatia, almost any time of the year. It would be most appreciative of the sailing experience from the start of the spring season in April up till the month of October in the season of autumn. This is the period when the weather is extremely pleasant and would be the most unforgettable trip.

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