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Sailing Croatia to the Unique Island of Vis

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 10, 2016

Croatia has many must-see islands which draw holiday goers to its shores each and every year, and one of those that really can’t be missed is Vis. This beautiful island’s unique history tells us much about the past of the country as a whole, and today Vis celebrates all that is wonderful about Croatia as a holiday destination.

A life on the ocean wave - Croatian sailing spectacles

Although the island’s humble beginnings were in fishing and agriculture, it has also been something of a military fortress in its time. Indeed, its isolation prior to Croatian independence meant that it was able to preserve much about its traditional way of life. Welcoming tourists with open arms since then has allowed Vis to provide a perfect combination of all that is best about Croatia, both new and old.

One of the best things about a sailing Croatia break is getting to enjoy locations that other tourists simply don’t get to see, and Vis is the perfect place to make the most of such an opportunity. The island’s geography means it is surrounded by a range of other smaller islets just ready to be explored by boat. With some of the most picturesque surroundings on all of the Adriatic Coast, it makes Vis the ideal location to make the most of a sailing holiday.

Sailing in Croatia - Beautiful sunsets

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