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Sailing Croatia Vacation

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Sailing Croatia is one of the past-times people indulge in while living on the Mediterranean, or visiting and touring the area. Croatia is located off of the Adriatic Sea that neighbors the Mediterranean Sea and is enclosed by the countries of Hungary and Montenegro. Croatia has a long coastline which is used for sailing, boating, or by the fishing industry. Tourists are able to go either on a guided charter or can even rent their own sailing ships, and the most common type of sailing ship used on the Adriatic Sea is the yacht. Whether it is just sightseeing, or fishing, sailing on the Croatia coast should be the first thing on the list when visiting the country.

The benefits:

When sailing Croatia there are many tourist attractions that can only be seen by setting sail and going off the Croatian coast. There are islands off the coast of Croatia that are untouched by human population, and these locations can become romantic get-away one always looked forward to. Also, there are many historic buildings that are on the islands off the coast, and these historic buildings show tourists the local history of the country of Croatia. Lastly, fishing is always a big sport when it comes to sea-faring countries, and Croatia offers a number of fishing spots off its coast that supports a variety of fish in them.

The contributions:

For tourists who are searching for a place for a vacation that offers sailing and sightseeing tours, Croatia would be the ideal place to go. Sailing Croatia has a lot to offer to its tourism industry whether it’s sailing to unpopulated islands, fishing on the Adriatic Sea, or sightseeing while sailing from island to island. Having these sailing charters available for tourist helps the Croatian economy because not only does the country offer beautiful scenery on land, but also on the sea. The income they receive from the tourism industry helps the country financially.

What to expect:

When sailing Croatia one can expect different things from the different types of charters they choose. Some charters provide a mini-cruise that sails from one island to another off the Croatian coast, and those who take this charter will spend the night on sea or on exotic islands. There are also one day charters, where tourists will be able to see as many locations as they can before they return for the night. Whether it’s a one day or an overnight charter, they can both be guided or rented.  The tourists will either have a guide who knows the area and how to sail or they can rent the boat and go alone. If the tourists have no experience in sailing it is best to go on guided tours, but, if they have sailing experience, they have more freedom to go where they want.

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