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Sailing Greece

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

For those interested in sailing Greece, it proves to be an exceptionally attractive destination. Republic of Greece is a country situated in south-east Europe. Greece can boast of having the twelfth longest coastline in the world (13,676 km/8,498 miles). The country with one of the highest standard of living basically enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild, wet winters and dry, warm summers. The dry Meltemi winds, experienced mainly during June through September, cool the weather, create low humidity, and improve visibility for sailing Greece. Generally the wind begins in the early afternoon and lasts till the sun sets. Sailors lift anchor at dawn, cover as much distance as possible before the wind starts blowing. While sailing Greece offers the visitors more than ample opportunities to exhibit their skill at this unique water sport.

20% of the total land of Greece is made up of Greek islands, which are ideal areas for yachting. The funneling effect of the winds sometimes makes maneuvering through the narrow straits slightly risky, but is exactly what experienced and adventurous sailors look for. There are over thousand islands lying along the shores of Greece. Each one is different in size and habitat, making discovering newer islets both thrilling and challenging. The land is steeped in exploratory prospects with especial mention of sailing. Greece has mythological and ancient lineage that charms thousands of tourists annually, with a concentration during the summer months. The chief regions used for sailing is Ionia, Argolida & Saronic GulfCycladesSporades & DodecaneseNorthern Sporades, and Crete. There are innumerable travel agencies to offer the visitors guided tours or yachts for the fascinating love for sailing. Greece keeps her arms opened for the courageous few who are not thwarted by the dictates of the seasons alone.

The peace and the quiet of Sailing Greece can be enjoyed to the hilt by switching off the motor of the vessel and letting the winds drift the chartered yacht into a glowing sunset. Planning to sail the blue, placid waters of the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea is by itself a stimulating experience. For people whose passion is sailing, Greece and Greek islands hold an unusual charisma due to the seemingly endless sporting activities to keep them busy all during their sojourn. The spectrum of ideas that one only dares to imagine can be made to come alive in the country associated with ancient civilization and the birth place of the Olympic Games.

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