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Sailing Greece Summer Holidays

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

When sailing Greece there are so many islands off of the coast to visit and explore, and so a sailing vacation in Greece may take more than a week to be able to visit all of its tourist attraction sites. There are twenty one islands that are connected to Greece, but most charters only visit a few of the islands. The maximum number of  islands one can visit in a trip are seven, and that would take nine days to complete the sailing vacation. The main reason people visit the islands of Greece is because of the historical sites that are some of the oldest standing sites in the world. The beauty of the Mediterranean is an additional attraction to the historical sites, and the scenery is breathtaking.

The benefits of Sailing Greece:

There are plenty of benefits for sailing Greece, and sailing around the Grecian islands is the best vacation for someone who is interested in history. The clear blue waters of the Mediterranean will soothe and relax anyone who takes a sailing trip on the ocean, which is beneficial to someone who is tired of  hard work in life. Sailing allows people to visit different places, which can be, diverse from just any on-land vacation, but the amount of time spent for both a sailing or on-land trip is the same. When sailing the scenery can be twice as breath-taking as it is when going on land, and the best way to pay a visit to the islands of Greece is by boat.

The contributions:

Greece is a country that prides itself in its history and the ancient sites are some of the oldest that remain in the world. The only way to see these amazing sights is by sailing to these islands and, the calm, blue waters of the Mediterranean make this trip enjoyable. When sailing Greece, tourists contribute to the country’s economy and the country contributes to the tourists. The tourists are able to visit the historical sites that they have dreamed of, and by paying for the trip, and buying souvenirs they help support the country.


When Sailing Greece one will undertake the trip of their expectations, and even more. When people think of the islands of Greece they are usually awestruck over the beauty and the history associated with the country, and when they finally decide to take a trip they can expect it will be exactly as they imagined it. There are activities like fishing, sightseeing, and eating authentic cuisine that can be enjoyed both on the islands and on board.

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