Sailing Greece the perfect holiday
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Sailing Greece the perfect holiday

MedSailors Crew
By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

Sailing Greece can provide people with a perfect opportunity for leisure or sport. Greece is considered a sailing paradise as it has plenty to offer for sailing enthusiasts. 20% of Greece is made up of islands that contribute to a wonderful coastline fit for yachting adventures. The islands provide 15,000 kilometers of coastline that is a dream for sailing. The climate along this coastline is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers.

The chartering of the yachts for sailing Greece begins in March when air temperatures soar above that of the seawater. This difference has a stabilizing effect on the weather. This stability is brought about by the Azores High that take dominance from mid-May as the Euro-Asian High loses its influence. The months of July and August have the highest temperatures and one can enjoy the sun for long hours. This is the season that most of the chartering is done.

If one wants to charter a yacht for sailing Greece, this is undoubtedly the perfect time to do it. The Azores High loses its dominance in October and November, and its place is taken by frontal systems that come from the north bringing in masses of cool air. When these air currents come into contact with the warmer water of the sea, the weather is destabilized, and then it rains.

There are a good number of ways in which people who want to go sailing Greece can hire a yacht for their tour of the wonderful coastline. To begin with, there is self-sailing, bare-boating or bare boat chartering. With this kind of chartering, one will skipper the vessel alone as there will be no one on board. For the yacht renting company to release a bareboat, you need to have at least two experienced crew members. Despite this challenge, you will certainly be able to enjoy your privacy while enjoying the beautiful Greek coastline.

Where one has not experienced sailing Greece or there are doubts about abilities, then a flotilla would be a suitable option. A flotilla allows the traveler to skipper the yacht but sail among other boats where the services of an admiral can be accessed if necessary. The only limitation with this is that all the boats will have to go to the same places. Flotillas are mainly found in the Ionian, Saronic and the Argolida to a lesser extent. The assisted bareboat charters allow the sailors to go where they wish but must be accompanied by an experienced sailor.

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