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Sailing Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 10, 2012

Sailing holidays, in the cool waters and the warm sunlight to soothe the frayed nerves, is a rare privilege indeed. The lucky few, who do get this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, should make the most of it and cherish the memories for ever. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. That is an impressive figure but the percentage of water that is good enough to be used for sailing and has picturesque surrounding, is far less. By nature, man is adventurous and wants to take a break from the daily hurly-burly, routine once in a way. A relatively large number of people prefer to head sea-wards and enjoy water sports and associated recreation. One could select any destination, depending on their interest, inherent nature, and their pockets. While settling for sailing holidays, tourists look at additional conveniences like accommodation, availability of suitable vessels, safety of the water, easy accessibility and warmth to name a few.

Some of the most popular destinations in the world for sailing holidays are the Hamilton Island, Bahamas, Greek islands, French Riviera, British Virgin Islands, Thailand, Stockholm Archipelago, Seychelles Islands, Bay of Islands Maritime Park, and the Aegean Coast. The features that are common among all these wonderful locations are the rich, scenic beauty, safe, clear, and tranquil waters, numerous islands in the vicinity to explore, moderate temperatures, clear, blue skies, availability of vessels, well connected mainland with the rest of the world, and decent resorts to put up at. Tourists can take their pick to suit their budget. Of course, no sailing holidays is complete without the availability of delectable cuisines to flatter the palate.

Sailing holidays may include a whole lot of activities besides travelling over the body of water. Water skiing, fishing, deep sea diving, surfing, swimming, exploring the coves, inlets, beaches and bays could be undertaken to add exhilaration to the trip. Age seems to be no bar to enjoy sailing holidays. The young and the young at heart are seen having a whooping time while engaging in pursuits of their preference. Getting to know the gracious and hospitable people living on the coastal lands enables enhanced opportunity for the enriching cultural exchange. Sailing Holidays are known to infuse the body, soul, and mind with new vigor, shedding off all the worries that blow away with the soft, tempered breeze. Such journeys encourage greater appreciation of nature and renew the pledge to safeguard the ecology.

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