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Sailing Holidays 101- Find Your Way Around A Yacht

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 22, 2013

The beauty of embarking on a sailing holiday with MedSailors is the chance to do whatever you want for 7 days. No tour guide rushing you around, no insistent group leader forcing a smile on his face and draggin you around to lame touristy bars.

We offer our guests the chance to truly experience a taste of sailing the Mediterranean. We sail the Croatian or Greek islands at a pace that suits our guests, and of course, we offer our guests a real opportunity to learn a little about sailing and take the helm if they want to! Our skippers are all gifted sailors, with the gift of the gab and a sense of adventure thrown in, so you know your skipper will make sure you have the most fun possible.

In order to prepare for your ultimate sailing holiday, we are running a short series of introductory blogs on sailing terminology and general knowledge  You never know when you will need it!

Today we will get to grips with a yacht’s  anatomy, with the help of some our beautiful photographs from our Greek and Croatia tours in 2012.

View Of Stern

Aft / Stern: This is the back end of the yacht, or referring to the back part.

MedSailors Yacht Bow

Bow / Forward: This is the front part of the yacht, or referring to the front part.

Yacht Bridge

Bridge: This is where the yacht is steered and navigated from, i.e. where you will find the MedSailors skipper.

Fender Of Yacht

Fender: An air filled bumper used to keep boats from banging into docks or each other.


Galley Kitchen On MedSailors Yacht

Galley: Kitchen area below deck.

Getting Ready To Disembark From Yacht

Gangway: Where people get on and off the yacht

Transom Of Yacht

Transom: the flat back panel of the yacht

Of course, mastering these names and are not essential to learning the basics of sailing on your upcoming Greek or Croatia tour. We hope you will just enjoy the chance to take charge of one of our gorgeous vessels and explore the Saronic and Adriatic seas as a modern day explorer.


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