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Sailing 102- Directions On Your Yacht Holiday

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 25, 2013

Yachts Sailing GreeceSailing lingo takes on a whole new life form when it comes to directions. Traditionally we indicate direction with left, right, up, down, front and back- and we are pretty sure its been working for hundreds and thousand of years so why change now? Sailing with MedSailors you have the chance to learn all these newly fangled words first hand on your sailing Greece or Croatia tour.

Although the origin of sailing terms isn’t always clear, many come from old Dutch, Norse, and Germanic languages. These peoples were accomplished sailors from ancient times, so their impact on the language of sailing in today’s English isn’t surprising.

Regardless, lets follow up earlier this week’s introduction to your yacht’s anatomy, we now bring you a short glossary of terms you will come across indicating direction whilst on your yacht holiday:

* Dead ahead: Directly in front

* Port side: The left side of the yacht when facing forward. The easiest way to remember this is by remembering this little verse: “A ship left port.” (A ship’s left side is port side!)

* Starboard side: Is the right side of the yacht when facing forward. Opposite to port-side.

* Windward: In the direction that the wind is coming from.

* Leeward: The side away from or sheltered from the wind.

At MedSailors we encourage our guests to have the time of their life, spending their time exactly as they want to. So if you are keen for a bit of sailing while on your Greece or Croatia tour, you are in for a treat! Your friendly skipper will gladly show you the ropes!

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