MedSailors Premier Yacht Upgrade Extended until end Jan 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!

MedSailors Yacht Upgrade For Sailing Holiday

MedSailors has so thoroughly enjoyed the festive cheer and New Year celebrations that we have decided to extend our Premier Yacht upgrade offer, until the end of the January- who wouldn’t want that warm, festive feeling to continue a short while longer!


Our Premier Yacht range is being introduced in Croatia and Greece this upcoming season, and these magnificent vessels are our pride and joy! They feature state of the art entertainment stations, stand up paddle boards and lux onboard facilities that offer that extra bit of space while you are sailing Croatian or Greek islands. And to think, if you book your sailing holiday before the deadline in March you will receive an automatic upgrade to a flash, new Premier Yacht, at no extra cost!


Greece is making a comeback to its prime spot on the European summer circuit, continuing to offer the best of the Mediterranean- sun, sea and lots of delectable local cuisine! Greek tour providers and airlines are securing big numbers this summer with loads of holiday and flight deals available across Greece, making it one of the most affordable island destinations not only in Europe, but globally.


Meanwhile, Croatia is entering the stratosphere of travel destinations. British Airways put Croatia in its top 5 holiday destinations for 2013; not unexpectedly we might add as Croatia experienced unprecedented tourism numbers in 2012!


We are looking forward to meeting you all soon, make sure you book your free Premier Yacht upgrade for your sailing holiday before the offer runs out! Remember, some weeks have already sold out of Premier Yachts, so book as soon as you can!

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