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Sailing 103: Get to grips with your yacht this sailing trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  January 28, 2013

Yacht Holiday Sailing Greece

Yacht holidays are one of the most rewarding ways to spend a summer vacation, with the best of sea, sand, friends and adventure all thrown together on a sleek, gorgeous and quite posh yacht!

The perfect way to round out the experience is to learn a bit of sailing, along with some jargon to impress your fellow sailors with and to show your friends back home just clever you are. The previous two instalments have dealt with the basic directions and anatomy onboard your yacht holiday. Make the most of your sailing trip and read through these bits of jargon to identify some “gear ” you will come across.

* Gear: Ropes, blocks, tackle… general term for deck equipment. Default term you can use to make you sound “in the know”!

* Deck Fittings: Those shiny silver things used to work and secure lines, your skipper will point these out for you!

* Anchor ball: Round black shape hoisted up forward to show that the yacht is anchored.

* Winch: This is used to pull up anchor and tighten bowlines, also known as a Capstan.

* Cleat: A fitting where lines are made fast or tied up. This falls under the category of deck fittings, but we loved the word so wanted an excuse to use it again!

* Scuppers: The drains in deck, to keep all splashing water from accumulating and turning the yacht into a tub!

Next week we will bring you the final instalment of sailing terminology in preparation for the upcoming sailing trips in Greece and Croatia  Make sure you book your sailing holiday as soon as possible to ensure you receive free upgrade to a Premier Yacht!

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