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Sailing in Croatia

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 08, 2012

The pleasure of sailing Croatia has to be experienced to be believed. Croatia is a democratic republic in south-eastern Europe, whose shores are washed by the Adriatic Sea. The economy of the country is dominated by the service sector, out of which a major chunk is hogged by the tourism industry. Being a country that can boast of over 1778 km of pristine coastline with thousands of islands strewn all along, Sailing Croatia has attracted tourists from every part of the world. This industry is concentrated alongside the Adriatic coast due to the clear and blue waters of this arm of the Mediterranean Sea. Millions of tourists who flock here annually have made Sailing Croatia the 18th most popular tourist activity hot-spot in the world. The climate here is equitable, Mediterranean type, with warm summers and never too cold winters. All these natural factors have combined to make sailing Croatia a unique and memorable event.

Each island presents a different picture. Most of them are elongated, and drifting through their maze gives a wonderful feeling of being soothed by the lapping waves, being beckoned by the quiet, pine-fringed beaches, and the disturbed nerves being calmed by the soft breeze. Sailing Croatia is a long cherished dream come true. Brijuni, Krk, Cres Susak and Kornati are the main island destinations that sailors come across while traveling along the coast in a yacht, catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, gullet, or a chartered luxury yacht. The soft sea winds, blowing around the rocky coves seems to hum a tuneful melody that is sure to bring immense joy to the people sailing over the tranquil waters. Sailing Croatia has a timeless attraction rather than a trendy one. Visiting the many islands and calling on the ports seems like a transpiring fairy tale.

The ideal holiday that you can spend is one which combines relaxation of body and mind with excitement, entertainment, as well as the possibility of sight-seeing. Sailing Croatia promises all of these and more. The enchanting and rich cultural heritage in the cities situated along the coast can be best discovered cruising on a package, well guided tour. The thrill of tasting the delectable cuisine on the different ports of call is an added charm. As you explore the virgin beaches and islets, taste the wines, enjoy the night life at some of the resorts, you will be surprised at how easily you lose your heart to the land filled with eco diverse resorts.

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