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Sailing in Greece – Beguiling Ermioni

By MedSailors Crew
on  June 13, 2014

The beguilingly pretty town coastal of Ermioni   (which was known as Hermione in ancient times) is constructed in three distinct sections. The more commercial part – the port of Limania – is found to the north, with the bustling Mandrakia area to the south.greece-holiday-ermioni-bay-med-sailors

For a great night out, head portside where you will find a great selection of tavernas and bars. The nearby town of Porto Hel is home to several nightclubs. The Bisti – an ancient pine forest – is at the eastern end of Ermioni and is a great spot for a cool, shady walk, with plenty of ancient remains to stop and admire as you stroll. The town is surrounded by sea on three sides, which gives it an island feel, whilst still being well connected to other amenities on the mainland.


Ermioni has a totally authentic feel, but with one foot firmly in the 21st century – with a post office, ATMs, dentists, doctors and numerous shops and cafes.

This area is renowned for its excellent snorkelling conditions. Ermioni?s crystal clear waters provide the perfect environment to explore the underwater treasures that are so numerous in this part of the world, and it is always one of the most popular stop-offs when sailing in

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