Sailing in Greece offers something for all during an Aegina trip

By MedSailors Crew
on  September 08, 2014

Even if you hated history at school and have no real interest in archaeology or mythology, the Temple of Aphaia is still well worth a visit – not least because you can explore the area by quad bike while sailing in Greece.

Almost everyone who has been there uses the word amazing when describing their visit and once you see it you will understand why. The site is simply huge and the views are just spectacular. There is a great contrast between the ancient architecture, green forest and stunning outlook across the island of Aegina to the sea beyond.

The peak of the temple site sits 160 metres above sea level and the area lies just 13km from Aegina Town, the island’s main port. Many visitors love the fact that they can get so close to the remains of the temple but just as many comment on the unique and tranquil atmosphere of the area, its unrivalled vistas and the tragic story of Aphaia herself.

She is believed to have been a half-sister to Artemis. She lived on Crete but is thought to have leapt into the sea to escape the unwanted affections of the island’s King Minos.

She got caught up in a fishing net but after accepting a lift towards Aegina on the fishermen’s boat, it is believed she was forced to escape again after one of the men tried to force himself on her. She is said to have fled onto Aegina, where she appeared to simply disappear within the forests. The name of the temple, Aphaia, originates from a Greek word meaning invisible.

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