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Sailing Turkey: Activities for the Brave

By MedSailors Crew
on  February 25, 2015

Turkey is a fascinating and varied country and offers activities for people of all types and tastes. However, a few activities are reserved for the more daring tourists. Braver individuals who decide that sailing Turkey is the ideal way to spend their next holiday may want to try their hand at some of these activities.

Plunging into Coldwater Bay
If you have any sense, you will probably spend a good deal of your holiday enjoying the waters in one way or another. But the more daring may want to enjoy the very particular waters of Coldwater Bay. The name gives away why this is something for the brave. A dip here will be exhilarating, invigorating and utterly refreshing. It is probably good for the constitution too. If you can gather the nerve, you might find the experience surprisingly enjoyable.

Oludeniz Beach is famous for many things, including its status as one of the best destinations there is for paragliding. If you have a strong stomach for heights, you can experience this for yourself. It takes some nerve to get up in the air in an unpowered paragliding apparatus, but when you do the views will be unforgettable. Those who are brave enough to take to the skies will find it utterly rewarding.

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