Sailing Turkey and Exploring the Ghost Town of Kayakoy

By MedSailors Crew
on  August 12, 2016

Fethiye is an incredibly popular destination for holiday-makers visiting Turkey; it is lively and inviting and exciting and has something for everyone. But just beyond this much-loved location is something a little bit different – the so-called ‘Ghost Town’ of Kayakoy.

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Following the end of the Greco-Turkish war, the town was left empty and unpopulated, and it has remained largely untouched since, making it a perfect example of a time gone by. The international organisation UNESCO has responsibility for the town and is working hard to preserve it as a living museum and monument to what life in Turkey was once like.

Visitors to the town are free to wander along its traditional cobbled streets whilst taking in some truly stunning views. Many of the now abandoned buildings, from churches to shops and homes, are also available to explore, making this one of the most interactive experiences of history available anywhere in the world. There is a separate museum which offers more insight into the world of Kayakoy, meaning it really is possible to lose yourself in the past when visiting this must-see attraction.

Remaining almost exactly as it was in the 1920s makes Kayakoy a truly unique place to visit whilst sailing Turkey’s seas, so make sure it goes on your itinerary when planning your break.

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