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Sailing Turkey by Day and Night

By MedSailors Crew
on  April 20, 2016

Situated in the south of the country, the Turkish fishing village of Kalkan is one of those places that comes into its own when the sun sets and night begins to fall. Although a beautiful place by day, by night the town takes on a life of its own, providing endless enjoyment for anyone taking a trip on land whilst sailing Turkey’s seas.

Sailing in Turkey - Exploring night time hot spots

With one of the largest choices of restaurants and eateries on the whole of Turkey’s coast, food lovers will find plenty to enjoy when choosing somewhere to relax and spend the evening. There are restaurants that sit on the coast itself and others that occupy roof-top terraces and offer enviable views of the town and beyond – the choice is yours.


For Turkish people, eating and drinking should be a relaxed affair, and as such you will find that meals lasting from six to midnight are not unusual! And whilst you are enjoying the food, don’t be surprised if music and dance become an integral part of the night too – many eateries provide live entertainment to really enhance your experience of true Turkish culture.


But restaurants and bars are not the only things that define Kalkan’s nightlife – the shops do too. With many staying open until midnight during the summer months, the shops of Kalkan offer both the traditional and the modern to please all types of tourists. So whether it is to see the sights, sample the food or enjoy the shops, the best way to enjoy Kalkan is definitely as the sun begins to set.
Fun at sundown - What to do in Turkey

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