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Sailing Turkey Can Be Good for Your Health

By MedSailors Crew
on  June 09, 2015

Turkey has so much to offer all types of holiday goers, but the seas of Cold Water Bay provide a truly unique experience. The area’s name really gives the game away, but the health benefits of bathing in the invigorating cold-water springs that the place is famed for cannot be missed.
Tour Turkey - Sailing for good health
Experienced cold-water swimmers will wax lyrical about the natural high that bathing in cool seas can provide, and far from causing pain, it can actually release chemicals into the body that go on to leave you with a positive feeling for hours afterwards. Not only that, plunging into colder waters can quite literally get the blood pumping. With an increased blood flow and circulation, you will find your skin exfoliated, regenerated and virtually free from impurities.

There is even the potential for longer-lasting health benefits. Some scientists believe that exposure to cold water can actually improve the resilience of the body’s immune system. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt you to take a visit to Cold Water Bay when sailing Turkey’s shores, bear this in mind: taking a cold-water dip makes the bodywork so hard that you could end up burning twice as many calories as you might when swimming anywhere else. All that and the beautiful Turkish surroundings too? Cold-water swimming can’t be missed.

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